In an example below the pressure of the steam is 3 bars and the temperature is 134 Cº. Temperatures of the water to be heated up are 10 – 55 Cº. The pressure loss of the water is 50 kPa. The diameter of the heat exchanger is 240 mm.

Type Heating Effect Water Flow Steam Consumption Measures Weight
kW m³/h kg/h Φ/S kg
240-45-9S 198 3,8 329 240/52 15
240-45-15S 314 6,0 522 240/63 17
240-45-23S 471 9,0 782 240/80 19
240-45-35S 706 13,5 1173 240/106 23
240-45-51S 1020 19,5 1694 240/142 27
240-45-81S 1606 30,7 2668 240/207 33
240-45-105S 2082 39,8 3459 240/260 41
240-45-135S 2669 51,0 4434 240/328 48
240-45-151S 2983 57,0 4956 240/365 53

Φ = diameter (mm)
S = thickness of the package (mm)

Note! In applications of heating up the water by steam, the care of the right timely and slowly way of working of the steam valve shall be taken care of in order to avoid the corrosion of chloride salts at excessive high temperatures. To promote that purpose, it is useful to arrange continuous flow of the water through the heat exchanger. In excessive conditions the better corrosion sustaining material than AISI316L can be chosen.

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A structure for the end of pressure vessels, most applicably plate heat exchangers, for reducing the effects of movement changes and vibrations caused by variations in internal pressure and temperature. The end is made up of a heat transfer plate and an end part in such a way that the end part is connected by welding to the shell of the outer surface of the heat exchanger stack, forming an enclosed chamber on the end of the heat exchanger, into which chamber higher pressure than the external pressure level is brought and/or generated. The higher pressure receives and dampens, via a heat transfer plate, vibration and pressure shocks harmful to the heat exchanger structure in the medium circuits of the heat exchanger.

FI126717 B (2017)

EPO 0903554 B1 (2004)
FI 79409 (1989 Original)
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